A downloadable game for Windows

!!! The game is not finished and still in development, this is a short demo entered in the #ProcrJam only showing few of the available features in 4 poorly-designed levels as well as a WIP boss battle.

You as a child, has chores to take care of and your mom isn't happy about your slacky atitude. But your 5 years old stubborn self prefers to go on an adventure with your favourite robot in mission to save Backyardia from the evil McMaggot.

Wander Backyardia in 8 groovy 4 quickly-thrown-together levels and defeat the dangerous McMaggot in this Megaman-inspired platformer.


Gamepad (recommended): Joystick or d-pad to move, X to shoot, A to jump.

Keyboard: Arrow keys to move, Z (or W depending on keyboard layout) to shoot and X to jump.


Art and Programming by Tselmek (@tselmek)

Music by Justin Meisse (@doctornode)

Sound effects by Matthew Dear (@matthewdearga)


Lazy Backventure 0.1.exe 4 MB

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