A downloadable game for Windows

/!\ Despite bugs, every puzzle is solvable! (see Known Bugs below)

Be the adventurer you've always wanted to be and solve over 30 puzzles in this #gbjam game.


Explore the mysterious rooms of an ancient temple and solve puzzles using powerful light gems.
Use reflection and reflection to direct these artefacts' light beams in the totems' direction.
Light up all the totems you come across and uncover the dark secret of this temple.


Gamepad (recommended):

Move with D-pad, Place or Pick up a gem with A, Activate the gems (when they're all placed) with B, Restart the level with Start, Quit with Select.


Move with WASD or ZQSD, Place or Pick up a gem with J, Activate the gems (once they're all placed) with O, Restart the level with R, Quit with Escape.

Known Bugs

  • A gem will not work when put directly next to an object unless that object is a totem.
  • An object may malfunction when 2 light beams are crossing directly next to it.


Graphics, Programming and Design by Tselmek (@tselmek)

Audio by Mike Daw (@mikedaw2000)


Motet.zip 3 MB


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i think this puzzle is unsolvable 

Thanks for pointing out the error, the itch.io version of the game is actually an outdated one. I'm updating it right now ^^