A downloadable game for Windows

! NEW !

As updating the game would be too much of a distraction with my current projects, I thought it would be cool to let everybody participate in a big content update. You can now suggest life infos HERE.

Entry for the GMCJam #1


You, the player, are a purgatory Intern who has to take of all the paperwork the day after Everybody Died. By readin through each person's personal info sheet, you must judge whether they deserve to go to Heaven or to go to Hell.


Mouse-only. Left click to drag a stamp, release to stamp a sheet. Left click to drag a sheet. Right click to zoom in on a sheet, Right click again to zoom out.


Programming and Graphics by Tselmek (@tselmek)

Music and Sounds by zminusone sound (soundcloud.com/zminusone)

End (spoiler?)

If you finished the game once and are stuck on the "You have been sent to ..." screen but wish to play more, press on H for 3 seconds straight and boom it is done.


The Aftermath.zip 10 MB


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Please make a Android version

good game, only the letters are so small i can barely read them, it would be nice if you could zoom in more, now its verry hard to read, and if i make it bigger it becomes harder to read, pls fix this

Rightclick on the page to zoom in, makes it easier

alr, thanks

found an big error. when you hover over paper with hell or heaven stamp and then you can stamp the table code


when i go to download it says "download error" what can i do?


how the **** i got this

she robbed a bank and shes racist at 6 AGE





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This happened to me too pls-

I went to play again, and everything was "default", how do you solve it?

脥cone "Verificada pela comunidade"

so i downloaded the game, and opened it. when i left clicked to start, the game closed. any solutions here?

How do I download this?


There's clearly a red button saying "Download"

please change swaziland to eswatini

ok i did everthing and try to download but it always tell me to get the zip code and i install it but i don't no how to install the game


how is your font so HUGE

I keep trying to download it but every time i do it wont allow me to install because theres been a virus detected in the files of the game can someone tell me how to allow it to install?

what sucks is that once youve ben sent to wher you go you cant play agein


you can play again , the creator said to press H for three seconds to keep playing


I have seen gloom do this game and I did it and it was so cool!


how are there so many idiots who dont know how to unzip a file it is so easy

its not just to unzip it. Windows wont allow it to download for me.

What does it say?

what browser are you using? I doubt it but it could be because of the browser



how do i download?



great game 5 stars

i sent 20 people to hell

I downloaded this game and it worked fine for me other than the fact u have to go into a file to axese it other than that really good game.

how do i play

It is easy all you have to do is read the disripson of the person and divide if the go to haven or hell


dis stupid


I'm so confused on how everyone else is able to download this I'm having so many difficulties


I can't download it either :I

so cool I already love this game!

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Deleted post

also don't swear please and thank you


It is their game don't tell them what to do. They can do what ever they want.

I can't get into it either 


Omg how do i get into the FUCKING game?!

I want to get into it and guess what? I COULDN'T! I wondered the same thing


yeah I tried downloading this too, and nothing happened, Im on windows btw, I just really don't think it works

it does work i am on windows and it worked for me


what about Apple? 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶

Apple is garbage and most games aren't on it. If you buy Apple products don't expect to be able to play most games. 

waaaaaaaait is this only for windows?????馃槶馃槶馃槶

hooooooooooow to get on I neeeed heeeeeelp ugh! I鈥檝e downloaded this like 20 times and nothing happened


a really good game 



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