A downloadable game for Windows

! NEW !

As updating the game would be too much of a distraction with my current projects, I thought it would be cool to let everybody participate in a big content update. You can now suggest life infos HERE.

Entry for the GMCJam #1


You, the player, are a purgatory Intern who has to take of all the paperwork the day after Everybody Died. By readin through each person's personal info sheet, you must judge whether they deserve to go to Heaven or to go to Hell.


Mouse-only. Left click to drag a stamp, release to stamp a sheet. Left click to drag a sheet. Right click to zoom in on a sheet, Right click again to zoom out.


Programming and Graphics by Tselmek (@tselmek)

Music and Sounds by zminusone sound (soundcloud.com/zminusone)

End (spoiler?)

If you finished the game once and are stuck on the "You have been sent to ..." screen but wish to play more, press on H for 3 seconds straight and boom it is done.


The Aftermath.zip 10 MB


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Can someone please tell me how to play games I cant seem to play any games... Thx 

xox -Meeee!!!!!!


when i tried clicking left it would just close me out :/

Age: 15 - Has Two Daughters Three Sons

This game was Lit. Love it.

Fun little game! 

how do i play the game


nice game good concept but it need more life facts alor more but other than this its amazing

Did 100 only 16 were sent to hell.
Apart from cannibals, satanists and killers there weren't any other sinners
Please more sinners.
Meanwhile I think I will keep posting stuff coming up in my mind in the database.
I love the google sheets thingy.

How many sheets are there? I thought it was 30 for some reason then I was like "Ok maybe it's 50" but then saw someone where it was just 10 and I'm here at 60 bored af.

i cant download the game



how do i start

mine says can't open

if your stuck on they "You have been sent to ..." scren, just hold H for about 3sec or more

Great Game! 

Where is the start button 

You have been sent to heaven.


I can't download


I can't download the game

cant get in

Hoq do you get in?




how to start?

i been sent Hell 

you have been sent to hell please try again later


cool game

cool game

How do i play the game???? please help

u need to install winrar then open the file the click on the aftermath.exe


yea how to start the game

Just press start -.-

uh how to start game

Go to File Explorer then downloads you will see a folder with a folder called the aftermath you will find a file called game click on it and extract the files then close file explorer and open it again everything

i liked the game but after its over and you finish the last paper it is really annoying that i cant play again. i dont want to have to re-download the game everytime i want to play. :/

I tried to re-download and play again but it just says "you have been sent to heaven" over and over again.

You have been sent to helL!

Please try again later

I would certainly play a longer/full version of this game!

It's an amazing game! The bad thing is that you have to choose, and that makes me very sad :_( 

WHY can't i play

I've been sent to heaven! tysm!


Left You Sheet Suggestions

Cool game. I love the feeling of deciding who goes to heaven or to hell! Very addictive gameplay!

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