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pls make more love it

Glad you liked it. Sadly, there's no plan on making more in the near future.

are you planning on creating any other games in the near future

I'm constantly making games and I enter game jams from time to time, so yes more games will come in the future for sure!

cause i want to give u credit and stuff like that but i dont know how

cause i want to give u credit and stuff like that but i dont know how

how do i leave a link if a want to make a youtube vid of this

Simply pasting a link to the game will do, thank you very much for willing to give credit.


I don't have what's needed for a Mac export, please refer to the handful of comments similar to yours :)

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I think I'm an awesome judge of character! Haha, great game btw I wish there was more. You can fiind my playthrough here,

Haha, thanks for playing!

I liked this idea! It had fun and difficult choices!

Thanks for playing!

This game is a lot of fun :D

Thanks a ton for playing it!

no problem the game is very good :)

I really loved the game! Hope you don't mind but I did a lets play of it

I sure don't mind, I thank you for it in fact. Feel free to link it here.

Why can't I download the D3DX_43.dll? I have windows 8 and when I open it from the file it shows up as a note(?)

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Why can't I download the D3DX9_43.dll? I have windows 8 and when I open it from the file it shows up as a note(?)

I'm not sure to understand the issue here but D3DX9_43.dll is not the file you're gonna want to open, the one you should look for is The Aftermath.exe.

I did click on the The Aftermath.exe and it said it requiers D3DX9_43.dll

It should normally be included in the zip, was it the case?

I think I fixed that problem, but now when I try to open the game there is an error "error 0xc00007b". I really wanna play it already haha I'm literally trying to do everything to make it work. It sounds like an awesome game

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Well that's an error message I've never seen, have you tried googling it? On the other hand, have you tried re-downloading the game?

I'm starting to think the game is not compatible with Windows 8 but that would be dumb, if another Win8 user could help confirm that.

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for playing! It will most likely not receive any update in the near future, sadly.

Such a fun game, I love the different qualities and I love the papers please feel to it, are you planning on updating it?

Also, my playthrough is here:

Thanks for playing it. Sadly, I don't plan on updating the game in the near future.

Great game! Minimalistic qualities mixed with hilariously random personas makes for some good laughs (I got a 6 year old who helped quite a few people escape from prison). Great ending too!

Really enjoyed it! Thanks so much for an amazing game!

Thanks a ton!

How do I play it again after I quit? because i still don't understand how to.

Once you open the game again, press the H key for 3 seconds straight and it should work.

thanks a lot man its a grate game and i wanted to play some more but it wouldn't let me

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Found this game quite hilarious, especially some of the ages with some of the descriptions haha!

Come check it out!:

Thanks a lot for playing it!

Thanks for making it! :D

Greetings Ladies and Gents! I really wanted to give this game a try after reading the description as it seemed like a very interesting and unique idea! I really enjoyed this game though I will admit, I wish that the life info was a little more in depth, but I also understand that there's only so much that can go into something like this without turning it into a book! But even so, I did a Let's play of this game cause I enjoyed my so much that I hope anyone who's interested gets a chance to watch!

Thanks for playing it and thanks for the feedback! It's true that the game is more a proof of concept with very few content rather than a complete experience but I'm glad you still liked it. :)

oh I thought it was hilarious! I loved it! I wish that there was more too it I loved it so much! I really hope that there is more family to come or maybe even a sequal? Either way, great job! Keep up the great work

please make a mac version

Sadly I don't have the necessary export module which costs about 100 bucks.

Short and sweet little game, very nice. There was a suspicious amount of 90 year old gamers though ha ha!

Haha, thanks for playing!

This game was awesome and a ton of fun to play! I'd love to see more details on the pages added!


Thanks a lot for playing!

Really loved this game! Hope more gets added to it some day! <3

Thanks a ton for playing!

Sadly, I will not work on the game in the near future but I'm all ears and I'm willing to help as much as I can anybody who is willing to make an improved version.


A girl who was 6yrs old was a drug addict.... 10/10 game XD loved it hahaha

Haha, thanks for playing it!

Thanks for making it man!

Nice Video man! Now its time for me to record it xD. Anywho you have a new Subscriber sir


Umm Gonna Try To Record This Game!

Excuse me. I read the instructions on what to do if you quit the game. Press H for 3 seconds? Well, That didn't work. Can you help me?

Nevermind XD!

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I'm glad you got it figured out ;)

is this game cool

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weird glitch when you change the resolution the code brakes

Thanks for pointing it out, I will be working on a fix.

Awesome! Continue the good work :)

Thanks a lot!

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what an interesting game to say the least lol I had fun with it, here's my little let's play of the game :D

Thanks for playing it!


Like Papers Please but with the power over heaven and hell! Loved this game, had a ton of fun with it :)


Thanks for playing it, glad you enjoyed it!


I've been playing the game for the past hour and I've completed 100 sheets and I'm wondering how many sheets you have to complete in order to finish the game.

You can click on the Quit button in the bottom left corner, it appears after you've completed 10 sheets.

I can't get the game to open on my Windows 10 laptop. It has been added to my collection on but it just isn't working.

As I replied to diamond_girl124: I'll admit I'm not well acquainted with the collection feature, a straight download might just work instead.

On the other hand, I don't think the version of the Windows OS you're using changes the way the collection works.

i downloaded the aftermath and added it to my collection on but i dont know how to get to play the actual games

I'll admit I'm not well acquainted with the collection feature, a straight download might just work instead.

Mac please

Sadly I don't have the necessary export module, which costs something like 100 bucks.

Damn. Do you know if you'll ever to make it for mac? I tried using winebottler but it didn't work :((

i can't find data.ini only and that doest work

It should be either in the still zipped zip file or in the unzipped zip file, if you can't find it there, try the following directory C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Local\GMCJam__1

In the mean time, I will try to upload a version that allows resetting the game as soon as I can.

yes please i found the file but there is this inside of it yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy enz.

now i can play it well TANKS

Sweet, glad I could help. Have a nice play!

for some strange reson,after about 7 papers it said there was a code issue and i can not play the game anymore. other thatn taht, i really enjoyed the game.

Please, feel free to screenshot or copy paste the error message to me if you ever see it again, it would greatly help me to fix the issue. Thanks for playing!


Glad you like it!

but why you can play it for a time you choose heaven or hell? because i wanne play it again!

In fact there's a little trick:

Do you think it would be wise to get rid of that one-time-play thing?

yes its nice but maby its idea more levels

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Hi the JAM link on the games topic would not let me pass the 2nd paper, it always freezes. I was surprised how 'enjoyable' it felt to judge or put that stamp on the paper; since I thought this will be boring. I never also played Papers Please. The animations and audio are great! Keep it up, is there an updated version? [EDIT]: Some more feedback... The music sounds like it is from Don't Starve? I loved the funny intro story, but you will need to change it to appeal to a larger non GMC Yoyo crowd. This made me think a "Resume Please" game on this same engine would do pretty well, since people will relate to it.

It seemed random freezes happens with the version present in the Jam zip, the version should fix this. The game's goal was mainly to be a learning experience, some tiny thing to mess around with the time of the jam. I also made sure to be more straight forward regarding the intro story and the controls in the version, since the Jam put an emphasis on reading the games' readme files, I didn't put any instruction in-game, which is problematic if people dive in blindly. I don't intend on working on the game further. Plus, the game is rather raw, buggy and graphically sketchy, so improving the game would take quite some effort which would be too much of a distraction to my current projetcs.

I quite like the idea of a "Resume please" game, I'm sure it would be a lot of fun to play as an employer treating the candidates as such.

I enjoyed the game a lot!

here is the link to the video I made on the game!


Woo thanks a lot for playing it. Sorry that it was so confusing, since it is a game jam entry, I didn't have time to add in-game explanations and the instructions were in a readme file. ^^'

the experience was still good and I still enjoyed playing the game a lot.Nice work on the game

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