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hi am I I person

Could there be a settings button so you could change the music volume? I wanted to play while on a discord voice chat but I couldnt hear my friends.

This game is broken 

this game downloads but does not let you play it

Is this available for Macbook Pro?


How do you play this game and download it

How do you download it?

Help plzzzz

click the download button, then on the bottom of chrome there will be your download. click the arrow, and click run, that should open your files. Double click the very bottom file, it should say The Aftermath and the type of file will say Application. When it asks you to extract files, click yes. Once its done, double click The Aftermath file again and it should open.

I really like this game. Its fun but when i stop playing it, it wont let me back in it just says something like this: "You went to heaven".....

how do you play



To everyone asking how to play the game just open the .exe file. If the zip file does not open then download a zip extractor file.

if the game wont start for you then go to files press  extrend files or whatever its called then a new page thats show  your game i your files will show up

Left click to drag a stamp, release to stamp a sheet.
Left click to drag a sheet.
Right click to zoom in on a sheet, Right click again to zoom out.

= Gameplay =
You, the player, are a purgatory Intern who has to take of all the paperwork the day after Everybody Died.
By readin through each person's personal info sheet, you must judge whether they deserve to go to
Heaven or to go to Hell.

= Credits =
Programming and Art by Tselmek (@tselmek)
Music and Sounds by zminusone sound (@zminusone) -
Minor side help Design by Ito

= End =
If you have finished the game once and are stuck on the "You have been sent to ..." screen
and you wish to play more, press on H for 3 seconds straight and boom it is done.




just, re download it still somethang shows up :/ 

how do you play




can someone tell me how to play


how do you play

How do you play?


i did 100 sheets proof here


can you PLEASE tell me how to play


that is great i got to 50 and then i clicked quit and now they game wont allow me to play again and do u know how to solve this out, i tried re-installing the game but it wont let me play it just says "you got sent to hell" 

Deleted post

nvm, sorry for all the troubles




i think you need to open the file and extract the files if you have to

good assum

i was sent too HELL


How do i start it?


Why doesnt it work anymore?!


if you cant replay it (if it says 'you were sent to ____') try holding down the 'h' key until it restarts

Hey what does it mean by "Press on the H for three seconds"? i tried it with both mouse buttons, left closed it and right didnt do anything...

i think they mean the 'h' key on your keyboard

i could only play it one time and when i open it and i click like it told me to then i closed fix it

How do I play


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The reason you can't open the zip is that you don't have a program to extract the executable files. Therefore, you can't open the zip and don't have access to the files. You need to download WinRAR to extract the files to use them/play the game.

I't won't open

Im about to send everyone to hell

This is really fun playing

how did you get to play



how do I begin the game



how do I start the game


sent myself to hell... tried to re-download it but it still didn't do anything, THANKS GAME.

Deleted post
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