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if your stuck on they "You have been sent to ..." scren, just hold H for about 3sec or more

Great Game! 

Where is the start button 

You have been sent to heaven.

I can't download

I can't download the game

cant get in

Hoq do you get in?




how to start?

i been sent Hell 

you have been sent to hell please try again later


cool game

cool game

How do i play the game???? please help

u need to install winrar then open the file the click on the aftermath.exe


yea how to start the game

Just press start -.-

uh how to start game

Go to File Explorer then downloads you will see a folder with a folder called the aftermath you will find a file called game click on it and extract the files then close file explorer and open it again everything

i liked the game but after its over and you finish the last paper it is really annoying that i cant play again. i dont want to have to re-download the game everytime i want to play. :/

I tried to re-download and play again but it just says "you have been sent to heaven" over and over again.

You have been sent to helL!

Please try again later

I would certainly play a longer/full version of this game!

It's an amazing game! The bad thing is that you have to choose, and that makes me very sad :_( 

WHY can't i play

I've been sent to heaven! tysm!


Left You Sheet Suggestions

Cool game. I love the feeling of deciding who goes to heaven or to hell! Very addictive gameplay!

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Please, do a translation for the game, it is very good, just missing the portuguese brazil translation, if you can do it thank you;)

Great Game 10/10

Very good game I loved it. The only thing that could be improved though is the text, I had to drag the paper constantly to be able to barely read what's on it. But, tremendous effort on your part and absolutely amazing indie game. Well done!

Oh please, why is commeting really required?

I love the game.

it's fun.



This shows how a glitch of life's story and identity could affect the total judgement of someone.... even I stamp my own file to Hell :'D

Inspiration: Papers please!

I made this video ages ago but never posted it here, so here you go.

Sent a guy who sniffed women's panties to Heaven 10/10 best game XD

I feel like I've seen your videos quite a few times in the comments, I appreciate the enthusiasm but don't abuse it ;)

This Game is really great! the things for the people were funny, and sometimes weird. i suggest you add a limbo button, because on some of those reports, they didnt really fit in boh catergoies.

how do I get into the game and axely play it

So much fun! The scenarios for people were hilarious, and I loved playing through this cute little indie game! :)

When I start the game it just says "You have been sent to Heaven. > Left click to continue <." When I left click the game closes. 10/10 would have open for a split second and then have it closed again.

Check out the description, there's a trick to play after that screen ;)

This game was a blast to play! i just loved all the random and odd scenarios!

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