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Inspiration: Papers please!

I made this video ages ago but never posted it here, so here you go.

Sent a guy who sniffed women's panties to Heaven 10/10 best game XD

I feel like I've seen your videos quite a few times in the comments, I appreciate the enthusiasm but don't abuse it ;)

This Game is really great! the things for the people were funny, and sometimes weird. i suggest you add a limbo button, because on some of those reports, they didnt really fit in boh catergoies.

how do I get into the game and axely play it

So much fun! The scenarios for people were hilarious, and I loved playing through this cute little indie game! :)

When I start the game it just says "You have been sent to Heaven. > Left click to continue <." When I left click the game closes. 10/10 would have open for a split second and then have it closed again.

Check out the description, there's a trick to play after that screen ;)

This game was a blast to play! i just loved all the random and odd scenarios!


Sent a guy who sniffed women's panties to Heaven 10/10 best game XD


I love your content, keep it up

thanks man 😁 appreciate the support! And we will keep it up!

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How do you create your own list of passions, jobs and details?

I downloaded it on my iPad but I don't know how to play the game

I don't think you're gonna be able to make it work on an iPad, this is meant to be played on Windows only

thanks I'll use my laptop,your amazing 

This looks epic! :P

Almost every person who sprays pee everywhere goes to Hell; it's decided. A super fun game!

sent self to heaven

10/10 fantasy game

lol, i sent my self to hevan as well 

welp the good thing is...


This game, honestly changed my perspective entirely. I wish I had more information on the people, but I really enjoyed putting myself in their shoes! 

I downloaded this game and this is my first time using and I don't know how to play the game??? Help?

Darcy if you haven't played it yet go to your files and find "the aftermath" from there press the last file and extract all, it should prompt you to "run" and there

Okay! Thank you so much!

This game is so amazing! I suggest more life infos; I noticed repetitiveness. Anyways, love it!

Clever little game, I had a lot of fun playing through it! Although I have now realized I should never be given this kind of power...

HiHI, I love it.



Let me know if a mac version ever exists please!

A mac version does exist! Its in "Heaven". (Get it? Its a game about heaven or hell...)

This is such a cool idea for a game! Here is my gameplay of it as well as my thoughts of the game itself: 

Judge and be judged!

This game could use this:

- Objectives (eg. Sign 30 papers)

how do u play

I made a video of the game! It's pretty interesting! Although, I saw other people's videos and they had the choice to end the game on the 11th paper, whereas I didn't get any. So I'm not quite sure if that was a thing or just a bug, but all in all, it made me reminisce the time I spent on Papers, Please.



The Judge

I really like this game,I think It's a very creative,and very fun :D

Trying to post again

Its a really funny game

The ending was the best

Hopefully this doesn't spam again Sorry my dudes I make shit content



Really good but maybe add different days to it so you have to complete maybe a certain amount each day and after finishing all days maybe have little scenes seeing the people in Heaven and the people in Hell. Good game though

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