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so I downloaded the game but everytime I try to play it it just brings me to my downloads. Why?

hey dude. Once the file has been extracted, the different files within it dont stay in it. However, if you put all of the files into one file, it works. You cannot separate the actual games from the rest of the files!

I went in the game but when I left clicked to start playing it kicked me out

Refer to what's written in the game description, there's a trick to keep playing :)

aw man I Has a cancer

how do you get the easter egg ending?

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eu amei esse jogo, me fez pensar, é fácil julgar o outro, mas no final você pode ter o mesmo destino.

inclusive perdi a ótima oportunidade de gravar um video jogando no meu canal novo :(

H-h-how you guess my age? 0_0

Loved the ending!

I actually had a pretty fun time playing this. Aside from a few spelling mistakes and it assuming my gender at the end (lol), this game is pretty dope. Gonna look at some of the other games you've made; keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing! :D

why did you make it so i cant play it after i press quit?

Check the description, there's a trick to keep playing ;)

im going to try this out it says its like papers please so i will try it

Hey guys, Noob here! I thought this game was a lot of fun! The simplistic art style clashed with the overall theme of the game, but not in a bad way. I loved the music as well. Some of the "Life infos" were a bit weird (11 year old girl passionate about poker XD) A fun short play, for sure! Would recommend!

If you would like to see gameplay footage of The Aftermath, please follow the link to my YouTube playlist. Thanks much and GIT GUD NOOBS!

Thanks for playing!

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Hope you guys like my let's play! I loved the game, but I have poor judgement, so I cut it down to a little snippet for a nutshell review.

Thanks for playing!

Nah, thank you for the game, man! Really enjoyed it. <3

can some one tell me how to download this game clicked download what do i do next

Very interesting game and concept

Thanks for playing!

Super fun game

But some decisions was really hard.

Sent 80 prisoners to hell

Has a cancer

Plz don't give me so hard decisions



Please detail your issue :)

I played the game and went to hell, then it kicked me out of the game so I went back in, and it said '' you have been sent to hell '' and it said to left click so I did and it kicks me out of the game every time I try

There's a little trick detailed on the game page to keep on playing


This was a fun little game. It was interesting seeing some of the variation is came up for the lives people lived. I recorded and uploaded a playthrough, so I hope you enjoy. Thank you! :)

Thanks for playing!

How do I download it for Mac?

Sadly there's no Mac download available :/


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Cool game! I download this game and made 112 Pages and 2 ends! I waiting for update to this game!

5 stars and 11/10

Good Job :D

Thanks a lot :D Will make an announce when the update is in sight

lol i love when it said just one last sheet lel great game great idea i would donate


I don't accept donations but you should consider supporting the awesome guy behind the music of the game :)

lol i love when it said just one last sheet lel great game great idea i would donate

Do you belong in heaven or hell?! Check out my standards and let me know where you would end up!

Check out my channel for similar videos :-D

youtube : MastaCGaming

Thanks for playing!

Game is pretty good and funny too.

idk why but once it downloads there is nothing just sheets of little paper that say read me

I have no idea what's causing this to happen :/

game is isnt work she sed to me : you have ben sent to hell

Check out the description there's a trick to keep on playing ;)

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Do you belong in Heaven or Hell?! Check out my standards and let me know where you would have been sent to!

Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing!

Really fun but sometimes is strange (10 years old child lost his wedding ring). But its still great. I love it :)

Can you make this for Mac OSX please, i really want to play!!

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That was a load of fun, I loved it all. Is this on gamejolt too? I can see myself playing this a long time.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

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Hello i love ur games and.. i was wondering if it is ur game too, on the apple app store? i wanted to play this game on my phone so i searched for this one and i found exactly the same one :) if it is urs, thnx for making mobile version bro so cool! thnx

Thanks for the compliment. It's cool that people get to play it on mobile though the game you found on the app store is not mine, I shall try to get in contact with the developer before taking any action, thanks for mentioning it! :)

Will you ever try to make a more refined and expansive version of this game, or will you leave this little thing on its own?

I would love to make a more refined version but if I do, it probably won't be until either summer or next year.

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I'm sending Michael Moore to Hell!!! XD

Hahaha, good one xD Thanks for playing!



First Impressions & Gameplay

Awesome game, cool concept and neat ending to tie it all up! Thanks tselmek!

Thanks for playing!

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i truly loved this game. Hats off to the creator!

Thanks for playing!

It's fun that you can add your own details and passions in the option files and it's like papers please a bit.

Very Fun Game :)

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